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Yeah, well, it's less writer's block and more writer's meltdown.

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Skull for a Skull

The play opens on the campus of an all-Native American tribal university, Haskell Indian Nations University, as a group of friends gather at the Haskell Boxing Club for practice. They discuss the legend that Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, stole the skull of the Apache war chief Geronimo to keep in the clubhouse of the Yale secret society, Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones will never give the skull back so the Boxing Club members decide to roadtrip to Prescott Bush’s grave in Connecticut to steal his skull for ransom and retribution. The final act begins with their return home and examines the social and law enforcement reactions to their actions. It is a visceral and emotional exploration of the Black Lives Matter movement, racial double standards, the efficacy of violent and non-violent protest, and what it means to be Native American in America.


The Heart Speech Translations

I have been working on this sci-fi novel for years. Hopefully, I can actually bring it to life in the not-so-distant future. We'll see.

Don't hold your breath...

The Broken Heart Sutra

Sometimes you have to break your heart open if you want to find out what's inside.

Will get to this...
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